6 Common Mistakes About Growing Muscle

A lot of people are not seeing the results they want when it comes to building muscles. Although their commitment for a training and a nutrition plans, they never see a noticeable increase in their muscle mass.

We can relate this growth deficiency to 6 mistakes which are very common.

The common mistakes about growing muscle are:

1. Under training
2. Over training
3. Type of Exercises
4. The Workout Plan
5. The Nutrition Plan
6. Listening to everyone

Under Training

6 Common Mistakes About Growing Muscle

Well, you subscribed to a gym, you followed a training plan, you started working out, and you are committed to it. You never miss a training day, and always completing your sessions.

The results? Not enough muscle growth as you were expecting!

Being committed to your workouts at the gym won't build you muscle if your are under training! Not putting your muscle under enough pressure won't make them grow enough.

A workout that is formed of simple exercises, that are not challenging your muscles enough, will be useless.

You should follow a workout that is challenging you, and at the same time not making you struggling to complete.

Over Training

6 Common Mistakes About Growing Muscle

Many people think that pushing it too hard will help in building more muscle! Unfortunately this concept is all wrong, as this will lead just to limit your ability to recover. You will be more susceptible to get injured and to health problems.

Type of Exercises

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This is related directly to the under training mistake. Following the insufficient exercises won't help at all in building you muscle.

If you are only relying on no equipment exercises then won't see any development in your muscle mass! Weights are a must to build muscle. Remember it's about putting your muscle under pressure, and nothing can assure you this than weights.

The Workout Plan

6 Common Mistakes About Growing Muscle

Repeating the same exercises every training session is also a big mistake, as well as doing the same number of reps and sets.

By repeating the same routine, your muscles get used to it, and by time it will be just like any habitual activity not contributing by any mean for more growth. It's just a necessary activity to keep the same volume of muscle mass.

Using a diversity of exercises every while and the other, as well as increasing the number of reps and sets is what will challenge your muscle and push them to grow more.

The Nutrition Plan

6 Common Mistakes About Growing Muscle

Besides working out, nutrition is a major factor for building muscle. If you are not getting enough nutrition, no matter how much you workout you won't build much mass of muscle!

You need to provide your body with all the needs of nutrition along the day, and especially pre and post workout.

You can check our article about the eating fundamentals for building muscle:

Listening to Everyone

Each member of your friends, your coworkers, your family, has his own opinion about what you should and shouldn't do to build more muscle. Also the internet is full of articles with scaremongering titles telling you what to follow and what to avoid.

What you should do is stick to one opinion from a professional and don't bother yourself of anything else.

No one knows you more than yourself, and no one can assume what you need more than a professional trainer. So what you need to do is consulting a professional trainer, and he will determine what workout plan you should follow.

Everyone else won't help much. Even this article you are reading right now! We can't address every single reader, so we are getting you some general information, it's helpful but can't replace advice from a professional trainer who is in direct contact with you.

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